Weight loss: How many minutes should I run?

People run for different reasons: health, beauty or even relaxation. Whatever the reason that drives us to run, burning calories is always the consequence of exercise. While some use training as a distraction method, there are those who relate mileage to eliminated calories.

But what is the minimum time we should spend in order for the workout to have an effect on weight loss? How many times a week should I exercise? What is the best speed to run?

A study conducted by the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and published by The Journal of Sports Medicine indicates that running 5 km per day and maintaining a healthy diet can transform the body. Running at least 45 minutes daily, it is possible to lose more than 4 pounds per month.

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Another question comes to mind when it comes to weight loss blogofweightloss.wordpress.com through racing: how often do I see the results of my 5-kilometer workouts and my healthy diet? The estimate is that you lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. Obviously, not everyone has the same amount of pounds to lose. It is completely different to want to lose 20 or 4 pounds.

Another important point to achieve all the benefits of this method is rhythm. A slow run over a long period helps to lose fat and burn calories, the study says. However, to gain muscle, the ideal is to do high-intensity workouts, such as short, intense shots.

According to research, women who alternate fast pace for two or three minutes and then slow down at the same time are more likely to burn calories the day after training.

This article was originally published in Activo Peru.


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